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The incidence for Influenza-like Illness (ILI) can be downloaded as CSV files (importable into Excel). The number of active participants, the number of ILI onsets and the calculated incidence are listed for each week. When using these data please attribute it to Influenzanet as follows: "Data Source: Influenzanet (//".

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To obtain access to the more detailed Influenzanet data, please contact the national organisers of the Influenzanet systems. Any privacy sensitive information, such as email-addresses, will not be shared with third parties.

Influenzanet welcomes collaboration with scientists and researchers outside our consortium. If you are interested, in particular in international Influenzanet data, please, write to daniela . paolotti @ isi . it. Your application is subject to approval from the Influenzanet Science Committee, which aims to react within short notice to your request.

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Analyses performed by the team, from Inserm - Sorbonne Université, in collaboration with Santé publique France.

Project Information

The Influenzanet participatory surveillance system is based on online survey technology to conduct syndromic surveillance through self-reported symptoms volunteered by participants resident in the Influenzanet countries. These platforms collect background demographic and risk-factor data from participants upon enrollment, capture their weekly symptoms, and report analyzed surveillance results.

The aim of Influenzanet is to establish a standardized syndromic surveillance system across European countries from both a technological and epidemiological point of view.

Its crowdsourced data offer flexibility for the exploration of different ILI or ARI case definitions, provide detailed information to profile the population under surveillance, to estimate vaccine coverage or assess ILI-associated behaviors. Its standardized framework and centralized European database allow for country-level analyses and rapid extension to the European level, maintaining identical criteria and definitions.

Indicators for Influenza-like Illness and COVID-19 based on data collected through the Influenzanet platforms are included in the FluewNews weekly bulletin jointly published by ECDC and WHO Europe.

Since its launch in 2009, Influenzanet has doubled the number of participating countries, now representing 36% of the 28 member states and more than half (58%) of the population in the European Union. Its web approach has the ability to generate data from the general population and not only from medically attended ILI.

Influenzanet was established in Europe in 2009 and included 5 countries, 4 of which (the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and Italy) already had prior web- based participatory surveillance experience. Influenzanet was created in the scope of the European Commission FP7 program project Epiwork, coordinated by ISI Foundation.

Over the years, Influenzanet has been sustained by internal resources of the partners. More recently, Influenzanet has received support by the European Commission with the following grants:



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